The American population is reaching a phase with dominance of older people creating more new difficulties and prospects to social workers. As a result, social personnel identify that adult community could potentially encounter more emotional difficulties while they reach maturity day by day with the changes in both physical as well as mental capabilities; difficulties in obtaining physical/cognitive protection, and diminished monetary security. This result is bringing more difficulties frequently to the family members who provide affection and support through physical/cognitive, monetary benefits to their maturing family members. When the community reach ageing population, social workers too require skillfulness and substance in gerontology. Casual caregiving is imperative among the adults; thus, social specialists should now start working with the families too. Social employees should likewise be conversant in offering help to relatives. Social work involvement is broadly utilized and have been successful when working with matured community, their families, and their caregivers on voluntary.


Salgado, J. A. (2015). In-home supportive service program for caregivers of older adults with alzheimer’s disease: A grant proposal (Order No. 1590920).

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