Hospice is a service patient get through Medicare at no cost to patients. Many people believe Hospice take care of cancer patients, where as the truth is Hospice take care of patients with life expectancy of 6 months and or multiple diagnosis or dementia. Hospice ensure to deliver all required medical equipment to home as when patient requires. Hospice also provide holistic services such as music, art therapy or taking the pet to a walk for instance. While Hospice is a federal benefit provided, the business mode remains same whether it is non-profit or profit oriented. According to the law, 5% of patient care should be provided by volunteers, where as Hospice does 8%.

Afterall, Hospice care is all about how a patient can be taken care of who is at the terminal stage, how the individual would expect to be loved realizing how limited the life expectancy is. Hospice therefore support the families and loved ones to be also comfortable and be closer to the patient.

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