What is Hospice?

Generally, there are myths around what hospice is, therefore, it is ideal to have a basic understanding what “Hospice” is about. Hospice care is doing a greater service to medical clinical service sector which is a free benefit for the families of the individual who undergo the hospice care. The trend analysis conducted by Hospice […]

Importance and general flow of Hospice Care

Once the hospitalist discharges the patient, primary care physician gets all electronic hospital records, through the EMR system. Through this method, specialist doctors and primary care physician get access to same data about the patient. Moreover, when the physician refers the hospice as a late referral, for instance at the last month or last few […]

Who is paying for hospice?

Hospice is a service patient get through Medicare at no cost to patients. Many people believe Hospice take care of cancer patients, where as the truth is Hospice take care of patients with life expectancy of 6 months and or multiple diagnosis or dementia. Hospice ensure to deliver all required medical equipment to home as […]

When to choose Hospice Care

Hospice care is a choice when medicines are not, at this point supportive. Hospice care can assist you with living with solace and respect, and offers care any place you live, for example, your home, medical clinic room or nursing home. The objectives of hospice care are to: Please call A Caring Touch @ 936 […]

Social Workers

The American population is reaching a phase with dominance of older people creating more new difficulties and prospects to social workers. As a result, social personnel identify that adult community could potentially encounter more emotional difficulties while they reach maturity day by day with the changes in both physical as well as mental capabilities; difficulties […]

Alzheimer’s Disease

A proper assessment of historical backdrop of the neurological disorder will enable better understanding of the Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Characteristics. AD was initially portrayed by the German doctor Alois Alzheimer in 1906, in the wake of working with a patient who had died from an unusual mental disorder. This incident took place between 1901 to […]

What is Palliative Care

Surprisingly, 70 percent of Americans have never known what Palliative care is. Palliative care is a specific clinical consideration for individuals with critical diseases. It centers around giving alleviation from the illness and anxiety of a critical illness. Therefore, the objective of Palliative care is to improve quality the life for both the patient and […]